Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

Over 30 Years of Experience!

All Day Lawn Care’s owner and technician, Jules, is a Certified Tree Arborist with knowledge of how to properly prune trees and ornamentals for optimum health, growth, canopy thickness, and flowering. His experience and training gives him the proper knowledge to properly identify and care for virtually all trees and ornamentals that can be found in PA, however, we only prune trees up to a height of about 20 feet.

Pruning Will Help Your Ornamentals To:

  • Improve Health
  • Increase Canopy Density
  • Provide Healthier-Looking Leaves
  • Have Larger and More Numerous Blooms
  • Prevent Wind/Ice Damage
  • Protect Against Invasive Insects
  • Let Light into the Home

Unpruned Ornamentals Are at Risk

Trees that are not pruned regularly are more susceptible to damage caused by insects and disease, leaving the potential for them to be harmed beyond repair.

Damaged Ornamentals Can Be Salvaged

If only parts of the tree or branches have been effected by disease or insects, we can prune out these areas to help the ornamental rid itself of them. This will help to protect the integrity of the tree so it can remain healthy and vibrant.

Bigger, More Beautiful Flowerings

Pruning encourages better flowering in the springtime, giving your ornamentals the full, healthy bloom that you know they’re capable of.

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