Pest Control Program

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are generally active in PA from May through September, or when the temperatures are consistently above 50° (day and night). Our Mosquito Control Program doesn’t have a set start date – we start when temperatures reach the appropriate level. This ensures that we target mosquitoes when they are active and can be effectively controlled. This will also limit the use of pesticides in the environment.


When we apply our product to your lawn, we target those shaded, wet areas where mosquitoes prefer to live and lay eggs. Each application significantly reduces the mosquito population on your lawn for about a month-long period, at which time we return to re-apply. Mosquito Applications can be done in conjunction with our Lawn Care Program.

You Get:

  • A Virtually Mosquito-Free Lawn
  • Coverage Through the Entire Mosquito Season
  • Reduced Risk of Zika and West Nile Virus
  • Less Bruises from Slapping Yourself

Perimeter Pest Control

When you picture yourself in your home (especially areas like the kitchen or bathroom), you probably don’t also picture pests crawling and scurrying around you. That’s because no one’s ideal home includes these pests. Our Perimeter Pest Control Program keeps these pests out of the home, and out of your personal life.


Our program includes four applications. With each application, we apply a safe and odorless 3-foot barrier around your home (making sure to pay extra attention to hidden entrances like space between doors or cracks in the foundation) that keeps unwanted pests OUT. The Perimeter Pest Program can be done in conjunction with our Lawn Care Program and other Insect Control Services to give you a pest-free home, inside and out.

Our Perimeter Pest Control Program Rids Your Home Of:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • And More!

Flea & Tick

Fleas and ticks are truly disgusting creatures. They latch onto your body and get sustenance from your blood in what are called “blood meals.” Fleas can live in your carpet for months, and both fleas and ticks can be carriers of deadly disease, like Lyme Disease. Fleas and ticks prefer dry, shaded areas with soft foliage like leaf litter and tall grass. What’s more, they both can be extremely difficult to detect. (A deer tick nymph is the size of a poppy seed.)


We use a dry insecticide on your grass while specifically targeting those soft, shaded areas that fleas and ticks like to call home in order to give you a flea- and tick-free lawn, as well as peace of mind. This application is generally done in midsummer, when these parasitic insects’ activity is beginning to peak.

You Get:

  • Elimination of Fleas and Ticks
  • Protection Against Disease
  • Protection Against Bites
  • Drastic Reduction of Things Trying to Feed On You

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