Lawn Care Program

Our Lawn Care Program Includes:

Lawn Fertilization

We use a slow-release, locally-sourced dry granular fertilizer instead of quick-release liquid fertilizer. Our fertilizer lasts 4-5x longer than liquid fertilizer, and releases nutrients for extended periods of time beyond when it is first applied. Our granular feeds your lawn through the roots (unlike liquid fertilizer, which feed through the blades – a less efficient way acquiring nutrients). Dry granular fertilizer is simply the best option when it comes to feeding your lawn.

Weed Control

Selective weed control keeps general weeds (like dandelions and wild violets) OUT of your lawn!

Insect Control

Our Insect Control Program is specifically designed to target surface-feeding insects that damage your lawn and cause marks, brown/dead patches, and lawn disease.

Grub Prevention

The grub prevention application controls all the white, C-shaped, grub larvae that damages the roots of your lawn and prevents your turf from being harmed or possibly killed. It stops damage BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Our Six-Step Lawn Care Program

1) Early Spring

A slow-release dry granular fertilizer is applied, designed to feed the lawn essential nutrients that promote growth, health, and color. Crabgrass preventative is also applied to prevent the germination of crabgrass, keeping it out of your lawn.

2) Mid Spring

Second application of dry granular fertilizer and crabgrass preventative is applied. An additional application of weed control is also applied, providing extra weed control by keeping seasonal weeds from germinating as the weather warms.

3) Early Summer

Dry granular fertilizer and weed control applications. Insect control is applied, providing protection against surface-feeding insects and the lawn diseases they spread

4) Midsummer

Dry granular fertilizer application. Spot treatments kill any “straggler” weeds on the lawn. Grub preventative* keeps soon-to- be-active grubs from infesting your lawn.

5) Late Summer

Dry granular fertilizer application and spot treatment for weeds.

6) Early Fall

Dry granular fertilizer application, as well as another round of weed control application to stop them in the second growing season.

FREE Service Calls Included

If you have signed up for our lawn care program and need a service done between scheduled applications, we’ll come over and take care of it for you For FREE.

Need a Specific Service

We offer lawn fertilization, weed control, and grub control as individual services! Just let us know what you would like!

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